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White Table at Sackett Farms

The above is something that was a drawing in my sketchbook, and it turned out to be really simple to create in real life. Sometimes this happens and its always a surprise. Taking images from a penciled rough sketch to a real scene in order to make a photo is often much harder than it seems like it will be. In this case, the setting, props and the multiple exposure function worked for me just like the pencil.
It is amazing to me that the table itself is still such a compelling topic and setting for me. It just never seems to get old. The cultural resonance of the table is significant--think about how many figures of speech we have around the word table: tabling something, bringing something to the table, turning the tables, on the table, under the table…The table is a stage that happens to be a manageable size—I think that is why I like it. Sometimes, as in this photo, the table itself is a subject—usually it supports other subjects. 
Unfortunately, it seems I am missing the photos I liked the best from my two day mini studio residency this summer at Joel & Ute’s loft. It’s pretty disappointing, and yet another unwelcome reminder that I need to master a digital work flow. I am just not putting the time into it—for some reason I just would rather be doing just about anything else. Alex reminded me that I should try to look at it as spending time in the darkroom, as a necessary but important part of the process. I am sure he’s right, and I am going to try. 


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