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Paper and promises

I was pretty happy with this review of Simen Johan's show at Yossi Milo for the Noise Issue of Nautilus over the summer--the online article was nice, but seeing it in print was an unexpected thrill. I like to think that I don't care about print, but apparently that's not true. I do in fact care about print, and Nautilus magazine is super savvy and beautifully printed.

Johan's show really was breathtaking, so it was easy to write about. His massive prints and hairy sculptures make you feel like you are inside a natural history display about things that haven't happened yet. Johan has done a lot of interviews, and his comments about his work have been widely published, but I was able to find a new angle, and he was happy with the review too. It is nice when that happens. Johan gave me a signed copy of his new book, which is gorgeous. 

I've decided that I may give myself a break for a while from writing about other people's work, to try and give myself a chance to try and write sucessfully or at least clearly about my own work. If not actually writing about it, I should be shooting it, organizing it, planning it, or printing it. Now that I've settled in a little bit at my new job at the Simons Foundation, at Spectrum news, I'm ready to start thinking about my own artwork again. 

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